MultiversX Joins Forces with Google BigQuery


In an exciting turn of events, MultiversX has taken a grand leap forward by announcing its integration with Google BigQuery. This integration stands out as a landmark achievement in their ongoing partnership, signifying a crucial step towards improving the accessibility and analytical power of blockchain data.

The MultiversX ecosystem is expected to experience a surge of growth as this new integration emphasizes the network’s dedication to enhancing the overall user experience. It offers the MultiversX community—which includes developers and everyday users—a wealth of new resources to tap into.

Google once again takes on its traditional role as the gatekeeper of the internet’s knowledge, this time extending its reach into the realm of blockchain. By integrating MultiversX’s blockchain data with BigQuery’s enterprise-grade cloud data warehouse features, they make it significantly simpler for individuals to extract meaningful insights from the complex world of blockchain.

According to the official communique, this initiative is intended to “democratize access to blockchain insights,” thereby granting users and developers alike unparalleled transparency and analytical prowess.

The integration with BigQuery allows anyone who holds an account to delve deep into the data of the MultiversX network with ease. There’s no need for specialized software or the daunting task of synchronizing the entire ledger themselves.

Now it’s possible to access and query information such as details on the top 100 block producers or daily transaction volumes with the simplicity and efficiency one would expect from a well-organized database. These advancements are set to be catalysts, fueling further innovation and progress within the MultiversX ecosystem.

Lucian Mincu, the CIO of MultiversX Foundation, expressed the transformative potential of this partnership. This merging of capabilities means that the once intricate science of deciphering data to extract actionable intelligence in the web3 sphere can now be more thoroughly explored thanks to Google’s involvement. The emphasis is on refining and enhancing the appeal of decentralized apps, pushing them closer towards widespread acceptance.

Alongside the ease of data access, the growing synergy between MultiversX and Google Cloud encompasses various ambitious projects poised to expedite the adoption of Web3 and the expansion of the ecosystem. This collaboration was further showcased at the xDay 2023 Conference in Bucharest, Romania with a suite of initiatives including a startup accelerator, engaging hackathons, dedicated programs for developers, and shared business ventures. MultiversX’s notable presence at Google’s booth during GITEX Global in Dubai in 2023 underscores the deepening ties between the two entities.

Daniel Rood, Head of Web3 EMEA for Google Cloud, accented Google Cloud’s eagerness to foster and support the burgeoning blockchain sector. The purpose of the partnership is clear: to accelerate the maturation of the MultiversX ecosystem, thereby ushering in a new era for the wider Web3 landscape.

The backing of a behemoth like Google sets the stage for a potential rapid expansion of MultiversX. Such a power move is bound to open up a wealth of opportunities for both developers and users within the network.

As the blockchain ecosystem marches steadily towards a more mature and robust future, collaborations such as the one between MultiversX and Google BigQuery play an essential role. They are not only pushing the boundaries of data accessibility but are also providing strong support to those who build upon the network. It is clear that MultiversX and Google are jointly carving out a path of innovation and teamwork that’s likely to set a new benchmark in the blockchain domain.


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