Multiple Victims in Shooting at Morgan State University Campus


A terrifying incident unfolded on the campus of Morgan State University in Baltimore on a recent Tuesday when multiple individuals fell victim to a shooting. The police department swiftly advised the students of this historical Black institution to seek safety amid the chaos.

Since the police officers had to deal with an “active shooter situation,” they were promptly dispatched to the location. The site of the incident was reported to be within the parameters of a residential building, sharing its block with a city police station, not too far separated from the daily hustle and bustle of the city.

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In a precautionary measure to ensure student safety, police communicated the grim news via X, the contemporary social media platform previously recognized as Twitter. It advised all on campus to take immediate shelter and eschew the area surrounding the incident.

Police spokespersons, Vernon Davis and Amanda Krotki, shed light on the severity of the incident, indicating that there were “multiple victims,” with at least four individuals shot. However, immediately following the event, the condition of these victims was unknown.

The announcement on X relayed by city council member Odette Ramos underscored the urgency, reasserting the need for students and staff to seek shelter without delay.

Later in the Tuesday twilight, the presence of police personnel was visible at the south entrance of campus. They cordoned off the area surrounding several dormitory buildings, while overhead, a police helicopter hovered, underscoring the severity of the situation.

This tragic incident came about in the midst of a week of festivities anticipating the school’s homecoming game scheduled for the forthcoming Saturday. That evening, the crowning ceremony of Mister & Miss Morgan State was set to culminate at Murphy Fine Arts Center—an area students were advised to avoid following the incident.

Glenmore Blackwood, a parent, rushed to campus after learning of the situation from his son. He mentioned that the incident disrupted the closing moments of the ceremonial events. His son, a senior at the university and the ceremony’s entertainer was at that moment, taking shelter in the art center’s auditorium.

Almost in disbelief, he commented, “They were doing a good thing—an event to promote positivity—and all this negativity happens.”

Ish Sargent, a 20-year-old local resident, bore witness to the chaos. She reported not hearing the gunfire but recalled her initial fear when the police helicopter caught her attention. Despite being accustomed to the area, she found the thought of such violence at an educational institution inconceivably frightening.

Established in 1867 as the Centenary Biblical Institute aimed at nurturing individuals towards ministry, the university has since evolved. Relocating to northeast Baltimore in 1917, it was purchased by the state of Maryland in 1939 to foster opportunities for its Black population. Today, it has an enrollment of around 9,000 students.