Mr. Puffs opening Thursday on the West Island


By Rhonda Massad

Good weather and Puffs all in the same week!!

We have been patient. We have watched the window in the shop located at 993 Blvd St. Jean since last fall, for any sign of life that may give us a clue as to the opening of Mr. Puffs on the West Island.

As of Thursday, June 15, the store will finally be officially open. West Island gyms will be increasing the price of their memberships as we line up for our little taste of puff heaven.Mr. Puffs, West Island Blog, West Island News, Rhonda Massad,

Puffs are traditional Greek doughnut holes (a.k.a. Loukoumades), dating back over 2800 years, to ancient Greece. They were served to Olympians and referred to as honey tokens, because of the traditional honey and cinnamon toppings.

Puffs can be eaten three ways. Glazed on order with all natural toppings such as pure honey, hazelnut chocolate & maple syrup. I have a hard time not choosing the hazelnut or Nutella topping.

Puffs are vegan because they are egg free, lactose free, cholesterol free ad contains no trans fats.

They also serve typical Greek coffee and cold coffees like a frappé or a freddo cappuccino.

All this can be enjoyed on the terrace outside as summer finally arrives.

See you there!!


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