Mr. Puffs to open on St. Jean in March


by Rhonda Massad

I had heard rumors but future owner of the new Mr. Puffs location, Giulio Zavolta, confirmed this morning that come March, Puff fans will no longer have to head to Laval to get a fix.

Puffs are traditional Greek doughnut holes (a.k.a. Loukoumades), dating back over 2800 years, to ancient Greece. They were served to Olympians and referred to as honey tokens, because of the traditional honey and cinnamon toppings.

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Puffs can be eaten three ways. Glazed on order with all natural toppings such as pure honey, hazelnut chocolate & maple syrup. I have a hard time not choosing the hazelnut or Nutella topping.

Puffs are vegan because they are egg free, lactose free, cholesterol free ad contains no trans fats.

“We will be opening at 993 Blvd St. Jean,” Zavolta confirmed. ” I’ve always worked in a restaurant, and my wife is Greek, so I am very familiar with loukoumades, and frankly, the Mr.Puffs is just the best I ever tasted.”

Laval resident Zavolta spent time on the West Island growing up.

“My mom and a lot of my family live in the West Island, and my grandparents have lived here for a long time,” Zavolta shared. “I used to come here often for Sunday lunches at their place or sleepovers developing a sense of home here in West Island, even though I was initially from St. Leonard and now live in Laval.”

Zavolta believes there is much cultural diversity in the area and expects that Puffs will be well received.

“I am excited to introduce these to the culturally diverse West Island community,” he continued, “it’s a great product.”

You can order a box to go at the Laval location, just in case you want to test them out while we wait for the opening; there are a few sizes. I usually take 30 puffs for my gang of five, or you can eat them on site. Puffs is located in a little strip mall in Laval. They are consistent and never seem to be closed. I called on major holidays, and they were open.

They also serve typical Greek coffee and cold coffees like a frappé or a freddo cappuccino.

Mr. Puffs Laval Location:
4879 Boul Notre-Dame, Laval, QC H7W 1V3
(450) 934-7007