Mounties Arrest Suspect Over Coronation Church Arson Attack


In what can only be described as a significant disruption to the peaceful ambiance of Coronation, Alta., the law enforcement body, the Mounties, have apprehended and laid charges against a man who reportedly ignited a local church.

Just shy of one o’clock, on a routine Tuesday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were alerted to a disturbing incident at the Evangelical Free Church. A locus of community faith and fellowship was in flames.

Upon interrogation, eye-witness testimonies and incriminating video footage pointed towards one individual: Nickolas Guy Fortier. This 23-year-old man is purported to have entered the church with a jerry can earlier in the day, raising suspicions regarding his involvement in this outrageous act.

Fortier now finds himself facing serious legal implications, including charges for arson and causing damages exceeding $5,000. Despite the gravity of his accused actions, he has been temporarily discharged from police custody, under specific conditions. His subsequent court appearance has been scheduled for October 13 in Coronation.

Although an arrest has been made, the authorities seek the public’s cooperation to further understand the events surrounding this incident. The RCMP is still open to hearing from anyone who may offer additional information or video evidence that may shed light on this nefarious act.

Despite the arrest, those who may wish to share vital information yet protect their identity can choose to reach out to Crime Stoppers. This platform will allow anonymous submissions and has played a significant role in solving countless crimes past.


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