Mountie Intrusion: Coquitlam Resident Sues RCMP for Unwarranted Home Entry


On stepping out from his bathroom after a shower, cloth-less and vulnerable, a Coquitlam resident named Kirk Forbes was astounded to find a uniformed Mountie in his bedroom. The unexpected encounter led to a state of alarm, somewhat pacified, once he realized the intruder was attired in an official uniform.

The incident transpired in June the previous year. As Forbes narrates, the female police officer and her partner were present in his premises to issue a traffic violation for allegedly overtaking a stationary school bus in Pemberton seven months prior. Upon knocking, they informed him that his front door was ajar and took it as an implicit invitation to step in. However, Forbes contends the matter, arguing their infringement does not have a valid justification.

He’s convinced that such an invasion of privacy amounts to an unmistakable overbearance, perceived by him as an audacious display of power. He’s seriously concerned and believes that this vitally impacts the common citizenry, eroding prevalent rights.

Following the ordeal, Forbes visited the RCMP’s Coquitlam detachment intending to file a complaint. While standing at the reception, he was curiously referred to as “the shower guy”, giving him a strong indication of being the subject of inside gossips. The realization was inordinate and intolerably embarrassing for him.

Initially, Forbes filed an informal complaint. He affirms that although his statement about the incident got documented, there was no subsequent communication, which compelled him to register a formal complaint with the RCMP’s Civilian Review and Complaints Commission. In addition to his grave concern, he has also launched a legal lawsuit against the two officials, the Attorney General of Canada, and the B.C. Minister of Public Safety.

His attorney, Sebastien Anderson, speaks on behalf of Forbes, claiming the violation resulted from the unauthorized and unwarranted intrusion by the RCMP officers. The lawsuit seeks indeterminate damages for infringement of privacy, alleging the officers took undue advantage.

Coquitlam RCMP has affirmed that they were indeed at Forbes’ residence for traffic violation related work and found the residence seemingly insecure. However, they earnestly tried to address the homeowner’s issues which ultimately led to a formal public complaint that is at present being processed.

The shock of the unsettling incident hasn’t left Forbes, leaving him in a state of perpetual anxiety whenever he dwells on it. The palpable violation of his safe haven comes across forcefully in his lamentation. As the RCMP yet to respond to the lodged lawsuit, Forbes continues his fight, disputing not only the intrusion but also the traffic ticket received on the day. The legal proceedings are in continuation.


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