Motorcycle Parade Raises Spirits and Funds for Deprived Families in Annual Toy Drive


Motorcycle engines roared through Middlesex and Elgin Counties this past Sunday, not due to a group of renegade bikers, but a parade of purpose. This public spectacle consisting of dozens of motorcycle riders wasn’t simply for show, it was all in aid of supporting deprived families.

Their cause? The 45th annual Toys For Tots Run, meticulously organized by the empathetic Elgin Middlesex Bikers Rights Organization. United, they rode, their numbers stretching across the expanse of both counties, following a route broken into two separate runs.

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Their philanthropic effort wasn’t simply limited to the lean and rumble of their motorcycles. The riders came bearing gifts; toys for tots, sustenance in the form of food, and financial gestures, all of which would be directed towards local Christmas Care programs and food banks within their communities.

Scott McClymont, the stoic Chair of the organization, shared his insights on the apparent paradox of tough motorcycle riders nurturing a soft spot for children. His voice filled with warmth, he said, “The heart. Each one of us harbors this unique corner in our hearts devoted to giving. This is our driving force, our motivation, and it’s what we strive to do at all times.”

The gala wasn’t confined to the rumble of engines. In the heart of Pinafore Park, the St. Thomas event unfurled a lavish banquet of activities. Live music filled the air, melding perfectly with the laughter of children enjoying crafts, their creativity sparked. The merriment was topped off with a hodgepodge of prizes, bringing the day to a perfect close.