Mother’s Day Scratchie Surprise: NSW Mum Mistakes $150,000 Win for $1,000


In an unexpected turn of events, a mother from New South Wales found herself dumbstruck after the seemingly unobtrusive scratchie she had been keeping since Mother’s Day revealed a far heftier prize than initially assumed. On closer examination, what she believed to be a win of $1000 turned out to be an exhilarating $150,000.

“I had a small pile of tickets that I finally decided to get checked one day,” she recounted. “When I took the ticket down to the local newsagency for validation, the staff member initially speculated that I had won $1000. However, he advised me to verify the same with The Lott.”

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Deciding to follow the advice, she mailed her ticket to the lottery corporation and got the biggest surprise and the shock of her life when The Lott confirmed her win. “The Prize Administration team member from The Lott called me up discussing my $150,000 Instant Scratch-Its win. I was bowled over, I couldn’t help but stutter out, ‘Are you sure? Is that real?’ I had been under the impression that I’d won merely $1000. This astonishing revelation came as a wonderful surprise!”

The happy winner is already on the way to an interstate vacation, which now doubles up as a celebration of her newfound fortune. She plans to utilize her winnings prudently to clear some debts.

The $150,000 scratchie was originally purchased from Newsextra Goulburn. The whopping reward delighted the shopkeepers, Peter and Allison Watt, who take pride in having sold a top prize-winning instant Scratch-It ticket to a local woman.

Peter, one half of the jubilant proprietor duo, shared their excitement, “We have sold 16 major lottery prizes during 22 years of operation. However, this is our first top prize since relocating five years back, and we couldn’t be more delighted! We are certain that this ushers in a winning streak for Newsextra Goulburn, and we are optimistic about celebrating many more winners in the upcoming months!”