Morning break-in: Are thieves in Beaconsfield getting bolder?


By Rhonda Massad

According to neighbouring video footage on Friday morning, a home on Montrose Drive in Beaconsfield, was broken into at 10:45 a.m. While little seems to have gone missing residents are feeling anxious about the stream of robberies in the municipality. For months, the police have been steps behind the ring of robbers plaguing the bedroom community. In most cases, the master bedrooms are the target with a focus on jewelry and cash.

The burglar entered the home through the back patio door, stayed for two minutes then left. Twenty minutes later the same individual returned to the home with an accomplice. They remained in the home for 12 minutes and fled on foot.

“They went straight for the master bedroom,” said the homeowner who preferred to remain anonymous. “They walked right past the iPad that was on the kitchen counter and went to my bedroom. They made quite a mess, dragging mud throughout my home. They opened all the drawers and cupboards in both the master and guest bedroom, but we have moved our things elsewhere since the robberies have been rampant lately. They opened my husband’s briefcase but did not take his chequebook or medical cards.”

When the victim called the police she was told not to remain in the house but should stay outside until the house was cleared by law enforcement agents. The police advised the resident to contact her neighbours in case they had video cameras in place. Fortunately, the thieves were captured on camera and a video has been submitted to police for review.

“It is clear they were watching us for a while,” said the victim. “We are always home except for our visit to the gym a few times a week. It is a very unsettling feeling.”

Neighbours have voiced their concerns on the Beaconsfield Neighbours for NeighboursFacebook group. Should you have any information please contact Police Station 1 at  2883 Saint-Charles Blvd, Kirkland, Phone+1 514-280-0101Morning break-in: Are thieves in Beaconsfield getting bolder?


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