More Help Needed As White Rock Lake Wildfire Threatens More Homes


Christian Sasse, and a few other residents are back to their homes after authorities downgraded their evacuation order to an alert. His home is in the area between Vernon and Kelowna.

He, like others, was forced out of his home as the White Rock wildfire continued to grow at an alarming rate last week, a time when the area had high winds.

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Last Tuesday, Sasse was permitted to access his home, although many other properties are still covered by alert and evacuation orders in the neighborhood as a result of the raging wildfire.

The wildfire in White Rock Lake has now covers 55000 hectares and still classified as being out of control.

The residents of Paxton Valley and Monte Creek are still under an evacuation order, although a number of the residents stayed home to protect whatever is left standing.

Katrine Conroy, the forests minister, emphasized the risk or ignoring government evacuation orders. She noted it is quite dangerous to stay at home as people are putting their lives at risk. She added they won’t ask firemen and women to battle a wall of fire to help save someone who chose to remain behind against government directives.

Risk assessment has been done to find out what areas are currently most at risk, and fire guards have been put up.

Since he got back home, Sasse has visit the lake in Fintry to witness B.C’s helicopters fill up with water and fight the White Rock fire.

Environment Canada says conditions won’t improve any time soon as another heat wave is imminent.