More Health Workers, Persons Suffering High-Risk Health Conditions Now Eligible For Vaccine Appointment Starting Wednesday


More people in Quebec will be eligible for immunization. However, previous announcements on the same led to a lot of confusion.

Starting Wednesday, a specific group of special workers at high risk of contracting COVID-19 will be eligible for vaccine appointment to receive their first jab.

Also, all persons with underlying health conditions that can develop complications resulting from infection with the virus will be eligible for immunization going forward.

Before this announcement, only those who reside in Montreal were eligible for immunization.

All those currently under hospital stay, those receiving treatment for dialysis, transplant patients, those on cancer treatment, or those under hospital allergist supervision will be required to book an appointment for immunization as soon as possible.
This is the lot that was eligible for immunization in Montreal.

Essential workers earmarked for immunization include teachers, childcare staff, security personnel, temporary workers serving in the agriculture sector, staff in slaughterhouses, persons in the mining industry, and workers involved in community support and outreach programs.

Confusion crippled the immunization program for a few days after premier Legault issued a conflicting statement, something he continued to do on Tuesday. He kickstarted the confusion by issuing the wrong information at a recent press briefing.

He stated that all essential workers and those with the condition that places them at higher risk of the virus would soon be eligible for a jab.

However, the health ministry later clarified, saying that the premier’s announcement was too broad and outlined new yet narrow eligibility.


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