More Albertans In The ICU With Coronavirus Than Before, Situation Likely To Worsen


The 4th wave of COVID-19 is straining Alberta’s health system, and the situation is likely to get out of hand in the weeks ahead if the 200 persons in the ICU is anything to go by.

Forecast by Alberta’s Health Services shows that by the start of next month, there may be about 365 persons jostling for space the 286 beds in ICU.

Doctors indicate that the system is currently crushing under the demand for ICU beds.

Alberta’s health-care has about 173 adult ICU beds, but the number has since gone up and declined during the pandemic.

Alberta Health Services said Monday that 113 additional ICU beds are not available, which brings total capacity to 286.

While more ICU space is a good thing, physicians are concerned about staffing, noting that it has become a huge challenge.

Reallocation of resources has led to cancellation of surgeries for non-Coronavirus patients. Albertans in line to received kidney transplant or brain operation have had their procedures postponed to a later date.


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