Montreal’s Village Residents Fear Escalating Violence after Yamato Dumpling Owners Assaulted


An unsettling incident unfolded earlier this week in Montreal’s Village neighbourhood, where the owners of a local establishment, Yamato Dumpling, were assaulted just outside their restaurant. This incident amplifies growing concerns about escalating safety issues amongst residents and businesspersons who have borne witness to an apparent decline in the safety of their once peaceful neighbourhood.

Emily Yu and her spouse, proprietors of the dumpling eatery perched on Sainte-Catherine St., were caught in this midst of this incident on Wednesday afternoon, a little past 1:30 p.m. Emily recalled spotting two seemingly inebriated men causing a disturbance on the restaurant’s terrace whilst she was inside the kitchen.

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Upon noting their unruly behaviour, her husband intervened, politely requesting the duo to vacate the premises. However, rather than complying, one of the men became aggressive. Emily promptly phoned the authorities, but not before the man had violently seized her husband, thrusting him onto the concrete and assaulting him mercilessly.

Emily’s intervention did not discourage the assailant who turned his violence towards her, knocking her down and attacking her with an equal ferocity. Jean Louis, seated at a nearby terrace, recalled the chilling scene, how the man flung Emily onto the hard cement, kicking her viciously.

Feeling compelled to act, Louis, along with a group of onlookers, stepped in and were able to eventually push the man away. However, the assailant, audaciously returning to the crime scene mere moments later, was apprehended by the police upon his return.

This assault is not the first instance of violence marring the neighbourhood which has been witnessing an increase in such episodes. Earlier in June, a fatal shooting had occurred in a nearby rooming house on Beaudry St., marking the 11th homicide in Montreal this year. Considering these incidents, the authorities have been called upon to augment police patrols in the area, a measure confirmed by locals who have reported a noticeable increase in law enforcement activity since the city responded to their pleas.

Yet, unsettling sightings, ranging from drug-influenced behaviour to theft and assaults continue to trouble the previously safe and friendly district. Echoing this sentiment, resident Yves Dube expressed his growing anxiety, saying he no longer feels secure in a place once renowned for its amicability.

Add to this, business owners grappling daily with the disheartening task of clearing away refuse and discarded drug paraphernalia from their vicinities. Emily Yu, amongst others, is contemplating the closure of her terrace in response to escalating insecurities.

The increasing police presence, however grateful, is merely a band-aid to the prevailing issue — the city’s authorities, at the time of this writing, have yet to provide further comment on strategies to address security in the area.