Montreal’s Public Health Urges The Youth To Get Immunized Ahead Of The Fall School Session


Only three weeks are left before school re-opens and Montreal’s public health has come out urging the youth to get immunized before they return to school in the fall.

The head of Montreal’s environmental public health, Dr. David Kaiser, said on Thursday there has been worrying increase in infections in the past week. As a result, public health is urging persons between ages 12 and 17, who still remain unvaccinated, to seek the first jab.

At a recent press briefing, Dr. Kaiser noted that some of the cases are linked to international travel, including a few individuals who have received both jabs.

Only 50 percent of those in the age range 12 to 17 have immunized fully, while 82 percent have had one jab, provincial figures say.

Health officials said they could not indicate clearly whether those currently getting infected include those who have received the immunization.

On Wednesday, the health ministry said mask will not be mandatory in elementary and high school classes, or outdoors, once school starts for the fall session, but will be required in buses, hallways and when undertaking high-risk events.


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