Montreal’s Demerged Cities On Hook for a Portion of The Formula E Settlement


The case regarding Montreal’s canceled electric car race has finally been resolved, leading the suburban mayors to hit pause after being informed of what their portion would be. 

The City of Montreal revealed last week that the case had come to a conclusion. The city was asked to pay a whopping $3 million to Formula E, following the annulment of races, which had been scheduled to run between 2018 and 2019.  

In 2017, back when Denis Coderre was the mayor, the race was held successfully. But due to a couple of events that ensued after Mayor Valerie Plante took over, the race was discontinued.

Following the cancelation, Formula E Operations brought a lawsuit amounting to $16.1 million, against the mayor. 

With the recent development, Montreal’s demerged cities are being asked to contribute more than $500,000 of the $3 million settlement. 

Georges Bourelle, Beaconsfield Mayor, remarked that he and his coworkers shouldn’t have to pay anything, particularly because no one approached them prior to the settlement. 

Beny Masella, Montreal West Mayor, reiterated saying that they were not given any details regarding the settlement until the very end.

The Plante administration said that it was given specific instructions to cancel the Formula E race and that the settlement should teach those thinking of reviving the race to avoid doing the same. 


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