Montrealers Looking to Repair or Buy a New Bike will have to Wait Longer than Usual


The winter’s days are over; soon, the jackets will be placed back to their storage as the grass slowly emerges from the snow. The days are also getting longer, which means Montreal’s streets could soon be flooded with cyclists.

However, Montrealers looking to buy or repair an old bike could have to wait longer. According to Bruni Mastantuono, Bicycles MCW Manager, there will be no enough bikes coming due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mastantuono noted that the pandemic had made suppliers in China unable to catch up with the demand. He added that the shortage they are experiencing at the moment has never been felt before.

Mastantuono added that they barely have 20 percent of their stock this year. Conversely, in other years in the past, they usually have 90 percent of their inventory. He affirmed that some of their customers would have to wait for months for their orders to arrive.

The shortage does affect not only the bikes but also the spare parts. Parts that include chains, brake pads, freewheels may be inadequate. That means they will be unable to complete most repairs this year.

Velofix owner Sacha Gosselin also voiced similar concerns.

“The challenge has been there since last year. We still feel there is going to be several months of hard times for us to get spare parts”.

He added that soon the innertubes would run out of stock, and the worst part is that there is no specified time when the manufacturers will be able to resume manufacturing fully.