Montrealers Find Special Ways to Celebrate their Moms despite the Public Health Restrictions


On Sunday, Montrealers found ways to celebrate their moms despite the public health restrictions. Atwater market was quite busy as masked people got some last minutes gift buying actions. According to Alfonso Taveras, a flower vendor, the sales were booming.

However, Sumon Chakrabarti, an infectious disease specialist says it is too early for the province to loosen the restrictions though 40 percent of the population has gotten their first shot.

“We all want to hug our moms, we all want to see our moms and I completely understand that. But doing it safely is still an important thing to do.”

Some Montrealers met their moms outdoors and kept their distance, other utilized technology to reach them. Goldie Scharf, a Westmount resident used the zoom to reach her 97-year-old mother in Los Angeles and a daughter in England.


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