Montreal Rock Camp Lets Children Have Fun All Summer


At a Verdum basement, a group of pre-teenagers have abandoned their skateboards and bathing suits to work on their passion for rock and roll.

The players hammer away the instruments to flow of AC/DC. A 12-year-old drummer, Paul Anthony, says he loves Guns and Roses, and Led Zeppelin. Another, 12-year-old Rose Rupnik, says she likes pop and rock separately, and not both together.

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The Rock School welcomes youngsters from all walks of life at its summer camp with a series of outdoor activities, but the fun begins when the go to the studio.

Inaki Arsenault Bertolini took advantage of the summer class to explore an idea he hadn’t quite grasped in music class.

Others came to the camp without a background in music, but have since discovered how interesting Rock and Roll is, while also making new friends.

The band was placed into group and taught how to play together. A few composed their own songs, and got to record, before making a music video. On one of the Sunday, they ventured out on the road and went Wellington Street, and entertained its launch crowd for almost an hour.

The school’s founder, Patrick Mainville, says he was driven by a Hollywood Comedy with a similar name.