Montreal Police on Hunt for Three Fugitive with History of Violence


Montreal police are searching for three fugitives with a history of violence since Tuesday. The three men have been identified as Jordan Dustan 34, Maxime Archambault 26, and Michael Legace 25.

The three-man had been partaking in therapy at Ste-Adele in the Laurentians and escaped on 15th June, violating a court order.

The men are either together in the St-Hippolyte region in the Laurentians or the Lanaudiere region of Montreal.

The men are, however, not considered dangerous to the public. They are accused of different crimes including, assault, uttering threats, and crimes related to violence.

The general public is being requested to call 911 or make an anonymous tip at 1-800-659-4264 if they spot one or more of the suspects.


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