Montreal Police Investigate Unprovoked Library Shooting Incident


Police officers from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) have initiated an investigation following a shooting incident inside a public library located in the Saint-Michel borough on Sunday afternoon.

An emergency response was prompted around 3 p.m., after a series of sounds likened by witnesses to firecrackers were reportedly coming from an accessible washroom. This information was shed light upon by Caroline Chèvrefils, an SPVM spokesperson.

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Upon reaching the location on François-Perreault Street, which is in close proximity to Michel-Ange Street, police officers discovered bullet shells scattered on the washroom floor. Furthermore, physical evidence of bullet holes riddled in the walls of the room was also uncovered, Chèvrefils furthered.

She further reported, “According to the individuals who had witnessed the incident, the suspects managed to discharge the firearm and made their escape before the arrival of the law enforcement personnel.”

At the time of the incident, several visitors were reported to be present in the library. Fortunately, no one was injured during the alarming encounter.

Subsequent to the incident, the area was secured to allow for further probing and forensic examination. High priority has been given to making sense of the circumstances related to the shooting event.

An arrest linked with the incident has yet to be made, however, the ongoing investigation assures that justice will be served in due time.

Chèvrefils also mentioned that surveillance footage in the vicinity could play a pivotal role in tracing the suspects involved in the shooting.