Montreal Opposition Councillor Demands Action on Airport Traffic Crisis


Alan DeSousa, St. Laurent borough Mayor and City of Montreal opposition city councillor, is calling for immediate action to resolve the severe traffic engulfing the vicinity of the Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

Passengers up to and from the airport have experienced critical gridlock and considerable delays that have prompted some travellers to abandon their vehicles and walk the final few hundred metres with their luggage and occasionally children in accompaniment. “We’re in a highly precarious situation,” DeSousa opined, adding that anyone considering driving to the airport could be courting risk.

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Traffic expert, Rick Leckner disclosed to CTV News that the bitter traffic congestion around the airport is a combination of inadequate planning, lack of roadways, overcrowded population and scarce access to the airport’s departure level, all contributing to a chaotic state of affairs that is rapidly spiralling out of control.

DeSousa is urging Valerie Plante’s Projet Montreal administration to spring into action and develop a plan forthwith to counteract the crisis. “The problem looms before us,” he asserted. He further voiced concerns that arranging a meeting with all stakeholders, including the Quebec Ministry of Transport, Transport Canada, the City of Dorval and others, would be excessively time-consuming.

Instead of pondering over jurisdiction or worrying about appearances, the St. Laurent borough Mayor stressed Montreal’s responsibility to ensure unhindered access to its primary airport. He criticised the administration’s proposal to conduct summits, stating what was required was expeditious action, not extensive discussing.

DeSousa and Leckner both concurred that a principal part of the problem lies in the deficiency of strategic long-term planning. Leckner added, “Planning needs to be forward-thinking not merely focussed on the present.” He highlighted years of inefficient planning and the merging of multiple lanes into two, leaving Montreal with limited access compared to other metropolitan areas.

Responding to the situation, Sophie Mauzerolle, Montreal executive committee member, acknowledged the airport traffic congestion as a serious concern, regrettably reflecting poorly on the city’s image. She confirmed collaboration with the STM to enhance the 747 bus service and their communication with partners to explore more ways to alleviate the state of affairs. Expressing the crucial necessity for fluidity improvement at the airport. She concluded by citing that the current predicament for both bus and car passengers remains insufferable.

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