Montreal Murders: Man’s 24-Hour Killing Spree Ends in Fatal Police Encounter


The hearts of the nation took a heavy toll on upon hearing the harrowing tale of Abdulla Shaikh, who was responsible for three brutal and seemingly random murders in Montreal in August 2022, as detailed at a coroner’s inquest on Monday. During a chilling 24-hour spree, Shaikh ended the lives of André Lemieux, Mohamed Belhaj, and Alex Lévis-Crevier before being fatally apprehended by the police.

The coroner leading the inquest, Géhane Kamel, along with provincial police investigator, Alexandra Caron Vadeboncoeur, presented a bewildering journey indicating that Shaikh had murdered his victims in Quebec before nonchalantly travelling to Ontario to visit Toronto Zoo and Canada’s Wonderland, and returning to commit his third crime. The evidence rested on video footage and receipts discovered in his vehicle.

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According to Caron Vadeboncoeur, there was no evident connection between the victims, each event linked only by their proximity to Shaikh’s rented white Dodge Challenger. Despite a brush with the law, the 26-year-old held no criminal record. His story was marked by diagnosed schizophrenia, a neglected treatment regimen, and a solitary lifestyle that kept him distanced from friends and confined to an apartment in Montreal.

His family had been unaware of the tragedy brewing, even with their anxious attempts to connect with him through WhatsApp messages around the time of the murders. His state came as an absolute shock to them, as they had perceived him to be acting within his usual demeanor.

Despite the fact that a mental-health board had flagged Shaikh as posing a “significant risk” to public safety earlier in March 2022, he had been allowed to inhabit the community on account of his recent improvement. But the truth struck extensively hard days later when Shaikh was tracked down and shot by the police in a motel room at Montreal’s St-Laurent borough.

Investigators unearthed two fire-arms linked to him – a 9-mm pistol without a serial number and a Glock 19 found in his rented Dodge Challenger. Initial surveillance had chased the wrong vehicle, but an astute hunch from a fellow officer led them to the actual car linked to Shaikh.

These unsettling circumstances weave a grim tapestry of a man gripped tightly by his tumultuous mental state: a compelling narrative and a sobering reminder that our lives are spun by the delicate threads of psychological well-being.

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