Montreal has lost a beautifully creative soul as Les Délices de Patrice owner and chef, Patrice Bernadel, died by suicide over the weekend. The Montreal pastry chef was known primarily for his personalized macaroons, in which he would customize a photograph of your face or a design/logo to be printed on the pastries.

In an interview by Dragos Ruxandu, Patrice mentions that he was working at an insurance company for years before he decided to take the leap and open his bakery. It all started when Patrice noticed the need for more upscale desserts while at business meetings, corporate events and/or birthdays.

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The South Shore bakery took a rough hit during the pandemic as much of their business surrounded providing desserts to cater for special events.

Known to many as Mr. Macaron, “It appears that the economic, social, and psychological impacts of COVID-19 have destabilized his life to the point of diving into a deep depression preventing him from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,” noted Patrice’s brother, Vladimir, in a Facebook post.

Unemployment of Small Businesses 

According to Statistic Canada’s Canadian Survey on Business Conditions: Impact of COVID-19 in Canada , small businesses with 1-99 employees were more likely than businesses with 100 or more employees to see revenues down by 40% or more compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, 28.4% of Canadian businesses have had to lay off workers, and another 39.9% have reduced staff hours. Of the 28.4% of businesses that laid off staff, 61.3% have said to have laid off 50% or more. 

Economy Impacting Mental Health 

Mental health has been taking a toll on Canadians as the unemployment rate is soaring.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and research company Delvinia have been conducting surveys on Canadians mental health throughout the pandemic. With increased business closures, revenue losses and layoffs due to the pandemic, this leaves many Canadians dealing with rising anxiety about their finances and their futures.

The findings in the most recent survey (June 23rd 2020) conclude that overall 19% of Canadians (1005 participants) are categorized as being very worried about their personal finances due to the impact of COVID-19, and of that number, 46.1% experienced moderate to severe anxiety and another 40.8% felt depressed.

Additionally, 12.1% of Canadians surveyed have reportedly lost their job due to COVID-19, where 28.7% have experienced moderate to severe anxiety and 21.7% reported feeling depressed when it came to unemployment impacts.


If you or someone you know is dealing with mental health struggles, consult the list of resources below.

Crisis Services Canada 1-833-456-4566

Friends for Mental Health: 514-636-6885 (West Island non-profit)

AMI-Quebec: 514-486-1448

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA): 514-521-4993

Centre Interligne Inc.: 514-866-0103

Depressives Anonymous: 514-278-2130

Groupe d’entraide pour un mieux-être: (GEME): 450-332-4463

Quebec Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation: 514-727-0012

Société québécoise de la schizophrénie: 514-251-4000 x3400

Veterans Affairs Canada: 1 800 268-7708