by Wendy Singer

How to laugh every day, how to incorporate every day positive behaviour and how to be happier in 2018, are some of the themes of the upcoming Living Laughter Conference, which is open to the public. “We’ve assembled some of the world’s top speakers on the emerging science of happiness and positive emotion,” said conference organizer Liliana De Leo. “This is an opportunity for anyone who wants the tools that create a happier and more satisfying life to learn them in a concentrated and entertaining format.”


Montreal’s second Living Laughter Conference: Thoughts – Words – ACTION! combines laughter with learning, providing attendees with fresh ideas to jumpstart their own happiness revolution. Six knowledgeable speakers will share their experiences on topics such as kindness, healing through love, “you are what you act”, the science of laughter, and more. It will take place on Sunday, January 14 from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Anglican Church of Canada in Montreal (1444 Union Avenue).


Is your New Year’s resolution to pack more joy into your life? Finally, here is a practical conference, which anyone can attend, where you can laugh and learn about the latest cutting-edge science of happiness, laughter and joy. The Living Laughter Conference presents a fresh perspective to joyful living, all in one afternoon, delivered by experts in the fields of laughter, embodied cognition, science, love and healing, education, and kindness. (Did we mention that laughter is on the agenda?)


This year, in addition to laughter, Laugh Attack Productions explores laughter and additional tools that move us out of thinking about positive change and into implementation. Thoughts – words – ACTION! The Living Laughter Conference will prepare you for your own happiness revolution. If you are stuck, looking to make changes, bring more joy into your life, or are simply curious about laughter and learning and would like to learn from like-minded people, this is the conference for you! The Living Laughter Conference 2018 has something to encourage everyone to bring positive change into their lives and the lives of others.


Albert Nerenberg, international expert on laughter, documentary filmmaker (Laughology, Boredom), investigative journalist, will present the keynote address on the topic of his latest documentary film, You Are What You Act, (CBC Documentary Channel). In his exclusive presentation, Nerenberg will preview his groundbreaking findings on how to maximize the potential of positive and empowering behaviours, with an emphasis on mutuality and connection.


Humanitarian Clown, Laughter Yoga Leader, and Certified Humour Professional, Guy Giard, has faced many challenges and has successfully overcome them. His healing journey included travelling the world with his mentor, Dr. Patch Adams. Giard will share his experience of healing through love, and provide guidance on how to regain control of your own life and peace of mind.


Teacher and author of Teach Kindness First, Kathleen Murray asks: “What would happen if you chose to react to every situation with kindness and empathy? How different might you feel? How might it impact those around you, be it at home or your workplace?” Murray will share her vision: Bring more kindness into the world, one empathetic conversation and interaction at a time. She will provide strategies on how to guide challenging situations towards positive and proactive outcomes.


Wait! There’s more!! Maia Aziz, Social Worker, Assistant Administrative Chief of Allied Health Services at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, and Certified Humour Professional, will present Why Do We Laugh?, combining cold hard science with a burst of comedic heart, including research data on the physiological, cognitive and social benefits of laughter, and strategies for using humour to minimize stress, build relationships and cope with adversity. Laughter might not cure what ails you, but it sure goes a long way toward getting you through those tough life moments. Dr. Alanna Grant will follow Aziz with LOL – Lobes of Laughter: The physiological and potential therapeutic benefits of laughter on the brain and mental health.


MC, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer Liliana De Leo will guide the afternoon. Hypnotherapist and Laughter Yoga Leader Jason Conyers will lead a group hypnosis exercise, and Laughter Yoga Teacher Sylvie Dagenais-Douville and Laughter Yoga Leader Wendy Singer will provide Laughter Yoga mini breaks. We look forward to a fun, enlightening afternoon connecting with like-minded individuals.


Albert Nerenberg, Sylvie Dagenais-Douville, Kathleen Murray, Guy Giard, and any other of our speakers are available for interviews.


The investment is $79 (plus tax). To purchase tickets:

For interviews and media inquiries contact:

Liliana De Leo

(514) 575-2033


Laughter Yoga was developed by Dr. Madan Kataria in 1995. It allows participants to connect with their laughter without needing humour, jokes or comedy. It is an exercise that is best conducted in groups, facilitating the inherent contagiousness of laughter. As science is proving, laughter has the potential to impart enormous health and wellness benefits.


Laugh Attack Productions is spearheaded by Liliana De Leo, Sylvie Dagenais-Douville, and Wendy Singer. Three devoted Laughter practitioners who are changing the world one laugh at a time.



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