Montreal Health Workers Reminded To Immunized Before 15th October Deadline


Health workers in Montréal are reminded to seek immunization against COVID-19 before the 15th October deadline. Authorities say there very little time left before a province-wide immunization mandate kicks off next month.

Authorities issued a memo last Monday urging health care workers at the West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre (CIUSSS) to be immunized before the set deadline. The memo’s subject line read: “last chance to get your vaccine before October 15!”

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Christian Dube, health minister, said last week that all health care workers are required to be fully immunized by the 15th of October else they will be suspended with no pay.

The strategic committee on COVID-19 immunization issued the memo, and was sent to all department heads and managers.

West Island’s regional health authorities announced about 10 centres where health workers can be immunized without having to set up an appointment.

Getting immunized this week qualifies health workers for a four-week interval between doses and will be able to have both jabs before the deadline.

The CIUSS informed local media that at least 85 percent of all its health workers have had both jabs.