“We literally haven’t slept in six days. Honestly, I think it has never been seen in history, a clinical study that is organized like that. What we do there usually takes six months, we did it in six days. It is absolutely amazing to see the mobilization of employees, businesses and governments, “said Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, director of the Research Center of the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) source: La Presse March 22, 2020

Colchicine is an anti-inflammatory that targets the immune system and is already on the market for a few diseases, including gout, this form of inflammatory arthritis that attacks the big toe. Dr. Tarif and his team have good reason to believe that this drug could prevent COVID-19 patients from developing so-called “major inflammatory storms”, which prevent patients from breathing well and can cause dead. If scientists win their bet, the hospitalization rate and death related to the disease would drop, reducing the fear of seeing intensive care units overcrowded as is currently the case in Italy.  (LA PRESSE, MARCH 22,2020)

“I have no evidence that it will work. But if it works, and I agree it’s a big deal, we can dream. If you no longer fear, or much less, the severe complications of COVID-19, that changes everything. We no longer need to lock people up and quarantine them. We are faced with a disease which is altogether banal. It just transformed the world scene instantly, ”says Dr. Tardif.

For more information or to take part in the trial, talk to your healthcare professional or call:

COLCORONA is conducting a clinical trial to determine whether a short-term treatment with a medication reduces the risk of death and lung complications related to COVID-19.

What is involved:
• Involves the daily intake of study medication or placebo;

• Participation of 30 days;
• Only 2 follow-up calls or video-visits are required during follow-up

• Be 40 and over;
• COVID-19 positive diagnosis;
• Not hospitalized;
• Forbidden to pregnant women who are breastfeeding or who do not use contraception.

The primary objective of the COLCORONA study is to determine whether short-term treatment with a particular medication reduces the rate of death and lung complications related to COVID-19. COLCORONA will be a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Following signature of the informed consent form, 6000 subjects meeting all inclusion and no exclusion criteria will be enrolled. (source: COLCORONA website)




  1. Why the restriction of age 40 and over ?

    By the time you get 6000 positively tested patients that are over 40 years old to sign up to your trial this pandemic will have claimed the lives of thousands.

    You should consider reduce the age restriction so you can get more applicants and complete your clinical trial faster…


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