Montreal Canadiens Leave Hart, Vezina, Lindsay off Protected List for Upcoming Expansion List


Montreal Canadiens’ Lindsay, Vezina, Hart and a few other players have been left off the protected list in the upcoming expansion list. The team’s protected player list that the NHL released includes Jake Allen. Price, however, wasn’t included. Tony Marinaro, of TSN 690, said the decision by price to waive the no-move clause should not be misunderstood to imply he intends to leave the team.

He added that if the team left Alen unprotected, and chose to run a deal with the settles, it might cost them a prospect of draft. about 21 other players have also been left off the list.

Last Saturday, the teams handed in protected player lists for the 21st of July draft, during which NHL teams in the 32nd league will be allowed to pick players from other teams. Rule of the expandion deal says that a team can protect only one goalie.

the current contractual engagement with price has him earning $10.5m yearly, which implies that if another team grabs him, it would be in intense cap stress.

Price has participated in 22 of his team’s 2021 season games and play-offs. Jack Allen, back-up, has participated in 27 games under the regular season.

A complicating factor to this issue is that his wife hails from the area, with many people saying that Carey Price might one day shift to Seattle. But, Marianaro noted that he is not sure the Kraken will grab Price.

Weber makes slightly under $7.9m each year, and his future isn’t that straightforward. Reports indicate he has suffered quite a number of injuries, including a career-killing ankle problem.

Seattle has only $81.5m to spend and is going to be very meticulous in who they grab of the 20 they are required to pick for their upcoming season.


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