Montreal Airport Ends Diving Travelers Based On Immunization Status


Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport says it has ended the rule that requires travelers to be isolated based on immunization status after a recent trial failed to generate the results they expected.

The system was initiated on the 5th and 6th of July, almost two days after the government began exempting permanent residents and Citizens from mandatory isolation or testing for the COVID-19 virus, 8 days after arriving in the country.

Once they exit airports public area, the travelers are asked to move to the screening area based on their immunization status.

In other areas of the country, the situation is quite different. Travelers arriving in the country via the Toronto-Pearson International Airport will be required to go to different Customs Lines on the basis of their immunization status.

Canada’s biggest Airport said it will start separating dividing travelers from the U.S and a few other international destinations based on their immunization status.


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