Moneris Resolves Nationwide Network Outage Impacting Card Transactions


Moneris, a renowned payment processing giant, recently confronted and successfully resolved a network outage that had led to disruptions in debit and credit card transactions across the nation. The company clarified on the digital medium formerly known as Twitter, around 2 p.m. EDT Saturday, stating, “Moneris has resolved a network outage and returned transaction processing to normal. Merchants, however, may experience some transaction slowness while systems catch up.”

In a subsequent statement, Darren Leroux, director of communications for Moneris, elaborated that this was an “intermittent network outage,” which had temporarily affected customers’ ability to process transactions for approximately 90 minutes. The investigation into the underlying cause is ongoing. However, at this point, there are no indicators to suggest that a cyberattack was involved. Leroux assured the public that “all transaction systems are functioning normally again.”

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During the event, the website Downdetector began receiving outage reports for Interac around noon EDT. By 1:11 p.m. EDT, the outage reports had surged to over 2,700. Concurrently, Visa users reported more than 400 issues, peaking just before 1 p.m. EDT. Outage reports for both Interac and Visa have since declined.

The hiccup in service was also noted by various companies, such as London Drugs and BC Ferries. Vancouver-based London Drugs confirmed to a user that all their stores across Canada were experiencing network issues, but their IT team was actively working to rectify the situation. Likewise, BC Ferries expressed that they had encountered service interruptions “related to processing debit card and credit card transactions at terminals and on board vessels,” but had since rectified the matter.

In the tech-dependent world that we’re apart of, occasional network glitches are a bitter pill to swallow. Yet the swift resolution by Moneris and its transparent handling of the incident evokes trustworthiness and reliability in their service. We live and thrive in a digital landscape where secure, seamless digital transactions are an integral part of our daily lives, not just in banks and retail stores, but also in the booming online casino industry.

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