City of Pointe-Claire develops Educational Monarch butterfly garden


The City of Pointe-Claire is  pleased to announce that the City has received a grant from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to create an educational monarch butterfly garden.

“We are committed to the development of new projects to ensure the continued existence of our area’s biodiversity,” says Mayor Trudeau. “This initiative aligns with our 2015-2019 strategic plan focusing on respect for the environment and confirms our commitment, as a City, to sustainable development.”

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The educational garden will be located on the green space next to Terra-Cotta Natural Park, just north of Belmont Avenue, at the Saddlewood Avenue intersection.

The purpose of the site is to combat the disappearance of monarch butterflies. The population of this species is dropping, mainly due to the loss of appropriate habitats for them. Milkweed, a plant essential to monarch reproduction, will be planted in the garden, and explanatory signs will be put up.

The TD Friends of the Environment Foundation grant in the amount of $3,239 will make it possible to enhance the project by adding paving stones to define the edges of the paths and by distributing 250 milkweed seed pods at the inauguration.

“We are proactive about our goal to provide the best possible environment for current and future generations,” concludes the mayor. “The garden will be a relaxing spot for residents, and it will also help educate people about preserving biodiversity.”

The site will be inaugurated in spring 2017, and the public will be invited to attend the initial release of 100 monarchs.