Moderna Plans for Private Covid Vaccine Sales in UK, Eyes Combined Flu-Covid Jab by 2025


The breakthrough mRNA technology behind Moderna’s Covid vaccine is paving the way for fresh potentialities. Moderna, the pioneering pharmaceutical company, is poised to broaden the availability of its coveted Covid immunization in the United Kingdom for private purchase. Though currently administered solely via the National Health Service’s autumn booster program, the forthcoming year may witness a significant policy shift. If licensing approvals follow sought trajectories, high street pharmacies and private clinics may soon offer the Moderna vaccine akin to standard flu jabs.

Moderna’s Chief Executive, Stephane Bancel, underscored the firm’s globally-impacting efforts in an interview with BBC News. “We are collaborating with governments the world over to render this reality possible,” he stated forthrightly. Recognizing the global appetite for protection, Bancel maintained that those desiring safeguards ought to access them readily.

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Advancements on the Moderna front are far from static, with proposals for a combined messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) flu and Covid vaccine expected to hit the market by 2025. Initial data from preliminary studies suggest the combined vaccine is as potent as its stand-alone counterparts.

Looking even further into the future, a triad vaccine tackling flu, Covid and the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is projected to launch by 2026. “No one wishes to receive multiple shots each winter,” Bancel observed, highlighting Moderna’s ambition to consolidate immunization into a single, annual dose. He painted a tantalizing vision of a future where citizens, armed with a one-shot solution against flu, Covid, and RSV, could confidently look forward to a healthy winter season.

At present, Moderna’s Covid vaccine is obtainable privately in the United States, with costs comfortably residing around $120 (£100). The anticipated pricing in the UK, however, is predicted to be significantly higher than the £12-20 usually charged for a flu vaccine.

Across the pharmaceutical industry, Pfizer, another supplier of Covid vaccines to the UK, disclosed it too was examining avenues for private provision. Both companies emphasized, though, that their paramount obligation remains the fulfillment of existing commitments to supply the UK government with Covid vaccines.

This week, the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was awarded to a pair of scientists responsible for developing the game-changing mRNA technology which underpins the first Covid vaccines. Life in a world beset by pandemic continues to plod forward, one ground-breaking medical breakthrough at a time.