Modeling Entity Forecasts B.C’s Daily COVID-19 Average Might Spike Beyond 1000 Once More


An independent group that is modeling COVID-19 consisting of researchers from B.C Universities has posted new information that shows there may be a dramatic spike in daily average infections, hospitalization and as well as intensive care unless more restrictions are imposed.

Based on the model, case numbers might go beyond 1000 each day by September. However, when asked to comment on this matter, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry downplayed the findings. She noted that even with the presence of the Delta strain, vaccines will still remain effective. She added that they have seen plenty of decoupling and de-linking of hospitalization rates.

Throughout this pandemic, hospitalization rates and ICU admissions have gone up after the new cases were identified, and the modeling group expects this might happen again.

As for central Okanagan, which covers Kelowna and a few other areas, B.C has imposed a new mask mandate as well as gathering restrictions. Nightclubs and Bars have been asked to shut down while restaurants have to stop serving patrons past 10 pm.

With B.C set to remove all the remaining pandemic measures as early as the 7th of September, Dr. Henry hasn’t said there won’t be further regional measures.

She noted that right now they are imposing measures that will be effective against the situation on the ground. She added that they will continue to use immunization as a tool to help fight the spread of COVID-19.


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