Mobility a priority at new Adamus condo project


by Rhonda Massad

The Adamus condo project located at 205 Alton Drive, in Beaconsfield, has 11 (different)-floor plans available for future customers to choose from.  All of the first level units plans take into consideration adaptive living for young families and seniors alike.

In a world where strollers and individuals with mobility issues are more modern than ever before the project will include wider doors and a large lobby to accommodate them.  The full first level of the building will feature hard surface floors not carpets, making movement easier.  Elevators from the 37 inside parking spaces make it convenient and comfortable in the winter months.

Condo units will range in size from 692 square feet to 1,669 square feet for one, two or three bedroom units with superior sound insulation. A kitchen and high-end bathrooms concepts are shown in the model showroom at the site of the new building.

The City of Beaconsfield made strict amendments to their bylaws last November, to not only change the zone formerly occupied by Le Club to multifamily but to also include a strict list of amendments to make any future development adaptable to residents with reduced mobility.  Adamus will be the first project to take on the new specifications.

The amendments to the construction bylaw included such things any lobby must have space clearing of 1.5 meters in diameter, the building intercom system must be of a minimum height of one metre and a maximum height of 1.2 metres to allow for mobility reduced access, floor covering on the main level must be hard surface, and door handles must be of a lever type, to name just a few of these amendments


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