Mobile Clinic Traverses Alberta Offering COVID-19 Jabs


A mobile immunization clinic has issued about 375 injections since its maiden journey from Kananaskis, a week ago.

The bus, managed by Alberta Health and the Industry for Vaccination Coalition has visited Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper, Calgary and Edmonton.

It stopped for a few hours at Edmonton’s Heritage Festival on the 31st of July, as volunteers addressed all concerns that people had.

Sarah Mackey, affiliated with Vax Hunters, stated that she came on this journey to connect with people at the grassroots and provide them with information about immunization.

She, together with other volunteers in the mission manage the Vax Hunters Twitter page since last April, informing people about alternative ways to be immunized.

The mobile clinic was the pioneered by the Industry for Vaccination Coalition, a group of 20 entities, that came together at the start of this year.

Scott Crockatt, VP of one of the member entities stated their plan is to run the mobile clinic for the next two months.

This week, the mobile clinic will be in Jasper, then head over to Sundre. This coming Saturday, it will be in Abbotsfield, east Edmonton, as areas that has reported the lowest immunization uptake across the city. It will head over to Edmonton’s Elks Home opener game on Saturday evening at the Commonwealth Stadium.


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