MMA Fighter’s Sprained Ankle Unveils Surprise Pregnancy Ahead of Career-Defining Match


In an unexpected turn of events, Quebec’s Mixed Martial Arts fighter Corinne Laframboise discovered that what initially perceived as misfortune could in fact be a blessing in disguise. An unforeseen sprained ankle, which had first felt like a stroke of bad luck, actually revealed some life-changing news.

As part of a regular medical routine a mere week prior to what would have been the most significant match of her career, Laframboise underwent a routine blood test. The returned results took her by surprise. The doctor delivered a clear message, “Corinne, this isn’t a jest: you are pregnant”. It was a revelation that completely took her off guard – she was three months into pregnancy.

In a fortunate twist of fate, Laframboise’s recent ankle injury prevented her from participating in fights during these early and crucial months of pregnancy. It was an occurrence that brought a stream of happiness and relief. She and her fiance, Éric, had previously spent time trying to conceive without any luck.

Expressing her feelings on this surprise revelation, Laframboise said she felt that things fell into place as if they were meant to be. She shared how the instances that appeared unfortunate at the moment have possibly secured the safe progression of her pregnancy.

Prior to this adventure into parenthood, the last official fight Laframboise participated in was in March 2022. A subsequent ear injury took her on an unforeseen hiatus from her fighting career, even leaving her contemplating retirement. It was during this pause that she received an exciting call from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The dream she had been nurturing since the inception of her career was being realised; she wholeheartedly accepted the offered challenge.

With the match scheduled to take place in September 2023 in Las Vegas, the 34-year-old Saint-Mathieu-de-Belœil native received a few months to train. Unfortunately, just when she was preparing to kickstart her training regime, Laframboise encountered another obstacle – a sprained ankle. Her inability to walk, let alone spar due to this injury scuppered her initial plan, leaving her worried for her baby’s wellbeing due to intense exercise and diet measures taken in anticipation of her earlier September fight.

However, her follow-up ultrasound earlier this week confirmed that her baby was in good health, much to her relief. As she puts it, their child is proving to be a little warrior just like its parents.

As to a potential return to the ring in the future, Laframboise maintains a wait-and-see approach. “Let’s see how combining motherhood with fighting works post-baby,” she stated, but for the moment, it was clear that her preference lay in focusing on being a mother.


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