MLB Rocked by Betting Scandal Involving Players and Interpreter


The tranquil world of Major League Baseball (MLB) has encountered an unexpected and jarring ripple recently with revelations of a betting scandal involving two of its players. An intriguing and somewhat convoluted tale casts its shadow over the bright spotlight of America’s favorite pastime. As the freshly inked ink of a groundbreaking report reveals, David Fletcher, a well-known MLB player, made professional sports wagers with the same bookie as the beleaguered interpreter for Los Angeles Dodgers luminary, Shohei Ohtani.

David Fletcher is a household name amongst Angels fans. Thus, surprises and gasps echoed throughout fan circles as news broke that the former Los Angeles Angel cast his wagers onto the betting table of California bookmaker Mathew Bowyer.

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However, there was one relieving detail to be gleaned from the report: Fletcher refrained from playing fast and loose with his own sport, placing bets only on spectacles of athleticism that existed outside the realm of baseball. This, for many, brought a sigh of relief.

The bond between Fletcher and fellow MLB player, Shohei Ohtani, is notable. The pair, sources disclosed, enjoyed a warm camaraderie – both on and off the field – throughout their tenure with the Angels between 2018 and 2023. Now, Fletcher is playing for the Atlanta Braves’ Triple-A affiliate Gwinnett Stripers.

In an unexpected twist, Colby Schultz, a capable player in the minor leagues with ties to the Kansas City Royals, also found himself embroiled in this growing scandal. Schultz, it was said, had been placing bets on Angels games and other sporting matches via Mathew Bowyer.

Although the MLB does not forbid its players from placing bets on events in other sports, the same leniency does not extend to risking money on their professional baseball games. The rules are clear-cut: The use of illegal bookies to place these bets is thoroughly prohibited.

Further complicating this web of wagers, however, is a scandal surrounding Ohtani’s interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara. An ominous cloud of rumors, accusations, and debt looms over Mizuhara, as authorities revealed he has been accused of embezzling nearly $16M from Ohtani, supposedly to cover his considerable gambling debts.

Despite the gravity of these claims, Mizuhara pleaded not guilty in a California criminal case but is reportedly considering a plea deal in relation to the theft accusation. If convicted, the charges of bank fraud and submitting a false tax return could witness him entwined in prison bars for an upwards of 33 years.

Mizuhara’s controversial relationship with money has seen hefty sums from his coffers funneled into both Resorts World Las Vegas and Pechanga Resort Casino, a tribal gaming property in Southern California. Resorts World Las Vegas maintains that Mizuhara was never a patron at their establishment; however, bookie Bowyer was quite the frequenter – rumored to have lost almost $8M between June 2022 and October 2023.

The investigation around these intriguing and complex events continues to unravel, with federal officials pursuing leads around Bowyer. At the epicenter of this curious saga lies the initial meeting between Mizuhara and Bowyer at a 2021 poker game in San Diego; a setting where Fletcher was also present. As the MLB digs deep into the heart of this matter, fans, players, and stakeholders alike wait with bated breath.