Mississippi Eyes Online Sports Betting Legalization in 2024


Amid growing anticipation, Mississippi eagerly positions itself to scrutinize online sports betting in the upcoming year—a proposition that has sparked both controversy and hope within the Magnolia State. The familiar dance with legislation in this field has, to date, ended without a winning step. However, 2024 may well prove pivotal when lawmakers once again contemplate the legalization of mobile sports wagering, an initiative with substantial implications for the state’s economic landscape.

Within the corridors of power in Jackson, where the future of Mississippi’s gaming industry is hotly debated, Rep. Casey Eure, serving as the House Gaming Committee chair, has firmly committed to introducing and advancing a bill facilitating mobile sports betting in the 2024 legislative session.

The clarion call for legislative change came during the final moments of the 2023 meeting of the Mobile Online Sports Betting Task Force. Yet, the course that this potential shift might chart remains riddled with uncertainties. Rep. Eure of Saucier has paved the way with intent, but the architecture of legalized online sports betting is still to be drafted—a blueprint that will no doubt ignite rigorous debate amongst legislators.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission’s executive director, Jay McDaniel, attested to the recurring attempts to push similar bills since 2018, all of which faltered before reaching the House floor. Each session renews the hope and skepticism equally among stakeholders as they ponder the likelihood of a breakthrough.

Senator David Blount, a task force member and Democratic voice in the dialogue, emphasizes that safeguarding Mississippi’s robust gaming sector must be paramount in this legislative endeavor. In his view, the well-being of the thousands employed within the state’s gaming industry hangs in the delicate balance of how online betting would adapt within the current ecosystem.

The juxtaposition of perspectives is stark as the legislature prepares to commence its regular session in January. Every stride towards February 19th, the cutoff for introducing general bills, is measured carefully by those vested in Mississippi’s gaming endeavors. Not all embrace the concept of expanding gaming to the digital domain, with some legislators expressing apprehension about the risk to destination gaming, a cornerstone of Mississippi’s lucrative tourism and entertainment economy.

As the debate continues, Pearl River Resort Race and Sportsbook Director Chris Hopwood and others in the casino industry argue that the unfolding legislation might siphon revenues away from the land-based casinos, diluting the local economy.

On the flip side, the voice of twenty-six state casinos, supported by prominent operators like Penn Entertainment and Caesars, echoes the potential benefits of online sports betting. The argument is clear: as neighboring states offer legalized online betting, Mississippi must act to stem the flow of bettors—and dollars—across state lines. Rep. Eure pledges to champion the coexistence of brick-and-mortar casinos with online offerings, suggesting a possible harmonious future for both.

With the Mobile Online Sports Betting Task Force’s findings expected to land on legislators’ desks by mid-December, the stakes are indeed high.

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