Minority Government The Best Option For Quebec, NDP, Liberals Are A Dangerous Lot; Legault


Last Thursday, premier Legault called liberal and NDP a dangerous lot, noting that he would rather have the Conservatives win September’s election and form a minority government.

Legault poured praised over Erin O’Toole, the Conservative Leader, for his commitment to raise health transfers with no conditions attached, so that the province had better control over immigration.

The premier noted his displeasure with Troy Leader’s decision to cancel a $6bn child welfare deal the province had struck with the liberals, noting that O’Toole should have explained the decision. The money has not condition, which means it can be use in other unrelated sectors.

Despite being happy with the child-care project, the premier said the liberals might reduce the province’s autonomy in the federation, noting that the Green Party and NDP would also do something similar.

In particular, the premier noted that the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh and the liberal’s Justin Trudeau intend to set up national standards for the health care sector, which he said, is an appropriation of powers.

Although the premier stated that O’Toole’s suggestion to increase health transfer isn’t efficient, he noted that Trudeau has not suggested increments.


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