Minnesota Governor Signs Revolutionary E-Ticketing Law for Transparent Purchases


Okay, fine folks of Minnesota, you’ve got a reason to cheer now! Governor Tim Walz inked his signature onto the revolutionary ‘Taylor Swift’ bill which is all set to bring newfound transparency and security for residents purchasing e-tickets for a whole spectrum of live events including concerts and sporting events.

Sparking an upheaval in the world of online ticketing, the revolutionary law was motivated by a legislator unable exclude himself from the frenzy to secure a ticket for Taylor Swift’s 2023 gig in Minneapolis. Now with the new law in place, vendors will need to put all their cards on the table, disclosing all the surcharges up front and barring resellers from flogging more than just one ticket. The transformative law is all set to reverberate through the state, influencing all tickets purchased within or outside Minnesota, for live concerts scheduled to take place in the state.

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Governor Walz stamped his seal of approval onto House File 1989— a poetic homage to the ‘Shake It Off’ hitmaker’s birth year and the title of one of her hit albums— right in the heart of the busy concert scene at First Avenue, downtown Minneapolis.

The architect of the bill, Democratic Representative Kelly Moller could hardly contain her excitement, “Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that we would be at a bill signing for House File 1989 at First Avenue,” she gushed.

She was just one among the numerous fans left reeling when the Ticketmaster system went bonkers in 2022, crashing under the massive demand for Swift’s concerts and incessant bot attacks aiming to scoop up tickets for overblown resales. The chaos that ensued merited congressional hearings but led to no federal legislation.

With the new law in place, Minnesota stands proudly beside Maryland as one of the few pioneering states to legislate protective measures for ticket buyers. Yet, there was no immediate reaction from Ticketmaster or Swift’s publicity team on this pivotal moment.

StubHub’s spokesperson, Jessica Roey, struck a positive tone. “We’ve been long-standing advocates for legislation that safeguards fans from monopolizing and consumer-unfriendly practices in ticket buying. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the objectives of HF1989 and look forward to further discussions with policymakers to push for transparency, control, and choice for ticket buyers,” she shared via an email.

Governor Walz stressed the virtues of the new law, primarily emphasizing that it protects fans from faulty tickets, fraud, and from resellers who stockpile tickets.

Two adolescent girls, one in a Swift-inspired shirt and the other sporting an ‘Iowa 22’ tee honoring basketball ace Caitlin Clark, graced the bill signing with their father, Mike Dean, who lent his support to the bill earlier this year.

Talking about his online ticket buying experience, Dean shared, “My daughter approached me in December with a request to go see a Caitlin Clark match. As a dad, I couldn’t say no. I was online to purchase the tickets and was stunned when the supposedly $300 tickets came up to over $500 because of hidden fees. The online checkout timer was ticking down, giving me a limited window to decide if I wanted to purchase the tickets.”

He voiced his criticism of such practices that constrict customers’ ability to make informed decisions. However, he expressed optimism that the new law will make the process more transparent.

The new regulations will take effect on January 1, 2025, and will apply to all tickets sold from that date onward.

First Avenue’s Director of Ticketing, Adrianna Korich, who fully endorses the reform, commented, “It’s heartbreaking to see fans conned into shelling out ten times a ticket’s face value by misleading websites and resellers who list tickets they frankly don’t even own. The new law is a step towards curtailing such practices.”

The shared outrage at the ludicrous prices for the Taylor Swift Eras tour tickets spurred the new policy. As demanding fans, it’s time to relish in this victory, Minnesotans!