Midland Town’s Loss-Producing Parking Meters may Shift to Free Parking


The parking meter situation has been stirring up a storm in the buzzing town of Midland, reaching headlines frequently. The issue has once again caught the townspeoples’ attention as it continues to penetrate deep into their pockets.

Presently, Midland finds itself under financial duress, with their parking machines resulting in a loss of $250,000 for the year 2023. The initial proposal was anticipated to bring about a lucrative yearly income of around $900,000, in stark contrast to the $450,000 break-even cost, hence, feasibly profitable. However, due to unanticipated reception and ineffective communication around this project, the actual profit turned out to be no more than red ink on the town’s ledger, shared Mayor Bill Gordon.

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“Our initial intention with this system was to serve as a source of profits to alleviate the tax burden of our residents. In the worst-case scenario, we envisioned to merely breaking even. Alas, we are far from realizing that,” remarked the disillusioned mayor.

Gordon is now advocating for a total abandonment of this financially draining process. He envisions transmuting paid parking into free parking. However, he cautioned that this move carries its monetary repercussions in the long haul. The realities of maintaining these parking lots – tax payments, insurance costs, and upkeep expenses – are unavoidable fiscal burdens shouldered by the town.

In lieu of charging users, Gordon proposed a unique zoning levy – effectively, a tax on downtown retailers and their residents. This would work on a break-even basis that would help maintain the downtown area. Some quick figures estimate this would average to roughly $800 per property owner.

In addition, he recommended ditching the coin-payment method which accounts for over half of the transactions and further contributes to the town’s deficit. Other possible solutions will be tabled and discussed in the forthcoming council meeting on Wednesday evening.

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