Midget BB Lakeshore Panthers and Tigers pay tribute to fallen 16 year old Ryan Marchand


“They matured in an instant” Coach Gord

by Rhonda Massad

What was supposed to be a special gift of a new liver turned in to tragedy for the Marchand family when Ryan Marchand passed away unexpectedly in the hospital  this past holiday season. Ryan was actively involved in Lakeshore Hockey where his teammates have joined together to pay tribute to their friend.

“It is so sad that someone so young and my age passed away so suddenly,”  Panther number 71 DJ Gosselin said, “We have played together as we grew up”

According to Ryan’s coach, Gordon Maclellan, he often has to repeat himself when explaining a drill to the kids.

“The attention span of young men at the age of 15,16 and 17 is not always the greatest, but last Wednesday night when the Tigers and Panthers were explained how the tribute would go, they only needed to hear it once.”

After the warm up, the young men, many of whom have played with and against each other most of their lives, formed a circle around centre ice.  Both teams helmets adorned with a sticker with the initials RM on it.  A pin could be heard dropping during Coach Gord’s speech followed by a moment of silence. The sound of hearts breaking for a young family living a nightmare was also loud and clear.

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Every hockey player's helmet is adorned with Ryan Marchand's initials
Every hockey player’s helmet is adorned with Ryan Marchand’s initials



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