Michigan State Apologizes for Controversial Hitler Image Displayed at Football Match


During a recent football match between the Michigan State University (MSU) Spartans and their arch-rivals, the University of Michigan, an unanticipated and unfortunate incident took place. A picture of Adolf Hitler was put up on the videoboard as part of a trivia quiz prior to the beginning of the game. Given the thorny nature of the content which was widely circulated on various social media platforms, MSU swiftly apologized for the somber disruption.

According to Matt Larson, the Athletic Director at Michigan State, the content was not in compliance with the core values of the university. In his official statement, he apologized profusely for the unfortunate incident and assured that the third-party source from whence the image originated would not be utilized in the future. Larson also promised implementation of stricter vetting processes for all incoming videoboard content.

Acknowledging the lapse on behalf of the athletics department, MSU’s Vice President and Director of Athletics, Alan Haller, stated that the video was not screened fully before being displayed, which exposed a procedural failure. He also clarified that the video was devoid of any corporate or communal affiliations.

With an employee having been suspended in the aftermath and an investigation being launched into the incident, Haller elucidated on the potential harm the image might have inflicted on various communities, particularly the Jewish faction that is currently witnessing an alarming rise in antisemitism. He expressed his intention to engage with local Jewish groups and student leaders to discuss the matter.

The Interim President of Michigan State University, Teresa K. Woodruff, also sent out a heartfelt apology to the alumni via email. Ruing the incident, she confirmed that it was under review and vowed to harmonize the university’s future actions and messages with its core principles. Furthermore, she promised a concerted effort towards ensuring an inclusive and welcoming environment for every individual associated with the university, regardless of their ethnicity or background.

This regrettable incident is the most recent in a series of unfortunate events surrounding Michigan State’s football program. The university has also taken a decision to terminate the head coach, Mel Tucker, following accusations of sexual misconduct, only two years since the commencement of his lucrative contract.

In addition to these incidents, rising geopolitical tensions on various college campuses resulting from the renewed violence between Israel and Gaza, coupled with a surge in instances of antisemitism and Islamophobia, have kept the academic atmosphere highly charged.

The controversial quiz was sourced from a YouTube page titled ‘The Quiz Channel,’ which was used by the university for entertainment purposes before home matches throughout the season. The channel’s creator, Floris van Pallandt, expressed his displeasure over the unsolicited and unauthorized usage of his content by MSU. He also held his ground claiming that while the trivia question about Hitler’s birthplace was a legitimate one, he would not have picked it for a live stadium audience.


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