Michigan Online Casinos Score Record $209.2M Amid Strike


In a striking turn of events, Michigan’s virtual gaming establishments appeared to strike the jackpot last month, coinciding with casino floor dealers and staff waving picket signs instead of playing cards in Detroit. With casino personnel clamoring for enhanced compensation in a spirited November protest, online gambling platforms quietly raked in unprecedented gains.

While digital roulette wheels and virtual slot machines were chiming in abundance, the Michigan Gaming Control Board unveiled that November chalked up a robust $175.3 million in online casino revenue. This record-setting inflow hasn’t been witnessed since the inception of regulated internet gaming in the state back in January 2021.

Eclipsing its own record, November’s figures surpassed the previously highest-grossing month of March 2023, when online revenues reached $171.8 million. The one-armed bandits and digital poker tables weren’t alone; online sportsbooks pitched in an impressive $33.9 million, propelling the total internet gaming earnings to a staggering $209.2 million for the month.

Despite these soaring heights, March of 2023 persistently holds the title for the zenith of online gaming revenue in the state of Michigan. It was then that sportsbooks ensnared a hefty $44.5 million from bets, contributing to a colossal combined sum of approximately $216.3 million.

The ripple effect of this digital bonanza wasn’t confined to Michigan alone; in the online casino landscape across the United States, numbers were equally robust. New Jersey, a veteran in the regulated iGaming market, witnessed its internet casino doors swinging open to a record-breaking $171.5 million. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania joined the lucrative bandwagon with a commendable $158 million in online casino revenue.

In Michigan, the synergy between Detroit’s illustrious trio of commercial casinos and the state’s gaming tribes with their third-party partners has birthed a lucrative ecosystem for remote casino games and online sports betting.

Marching at the forefront of this virtual casino parade is BetMGM, a titan in the industry and partner to MGM Grand Detroit. With the digital chips falling in its favor, BetMGM’s online casino pocketed a handsome $46.7 million in November. Trailing closely behind was FanDuel, associated with MotorCity Casino, banking a cool $43.9 million.

Amidst the tribal circuits, DraftKings stood tall as the market leader last month, its online casino in partnership with Bay Mills Indian Community hauling in about $34.7 million. In the sportsbook ring, DraftKings threw a victorious punch with a $10.6 million win on over $151.8 million in placed bets.

FanDuel wasn’t just a runner-up in the casino sphere; it dominated the online sportsbook sector, with its sharp oddsmakers pocketing $9.7 million from a staggering $213 million in bets. DraftKings, consistent in performance, secured a net win of $4.5 million.

Penn Entertainment, fresh with the ESPN Bet branding, joined the fray, reporting an initial gross income of $6 million. After offset calculations for promotional bets, the books closed with an adjusted deficit of $10 million.

As the year unfolded, Michigan bet takers smiled to the bank as digitized sports bets surpassed a voluminous $4 billion, with $359.2 million resting comfortably in their coffers. The online casinos, not to be outdone, collectively charmed more than $1.7 billion from enthusiastic gamers glued to their screens.

On the flip side, the palpable slot machines and the green baize of the physical casinos in Detroit weren’t infused with quite the same luck. Amidst the uproar of striking workers, MGM Grand Detroit, MotorCity, and Greektown watched as their gross gaming revenue plummeted to a cold $76 million, a nearly 24% nosedive from the same time the previous year.

Only after the casinos inked a deal with the Unite Here Local 24 labor union did their fortunes begin to realign. Interestingly, players seemed to largely ignore union appeals to shun iGaming platforms amid the strike, turning instead to the beckoning call of online casinos.

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