Miccosukee Tribe Debuts Little Trail Casino Along I-75


Nestled amidst the sprawling wetlands of the Everglades and the silent hum of journeying cars on Interstate 75, a new beacon of entertainment is set to illuminate the horizon for the adventurous and the fortunate. The Little Trail Casino, a bingo-based gaming establishment, is gearing up to open its doors and claim its place along Alligator Alley, welcoming travelers and locals alike into its lively fold.

Owned by the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida, whose roots run as deep as the history of the land itself, this fresh gambling venue will be perched within the friendly confines of the Miccosukee Service Plaza off Exit 49. Little Trail Casino stands as a testament to the tribe’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to cultural and economic expansion. Just a stone’s throw from their well-known Miccosukee Casino & Resort in Miami, this endeavor ventures to bring the thrill of gaming closer to nature’s heart.

Mark your calendars and set your GPS for the grand opening slated a mere week away on the 14th of February. This date marks not just a celebration of love in the air but also an evolution of the Miccosukee legacy. Talbert Cypress, the tribe’s chair, beams with pride at the thought of this significant milestone. The tribe invites one and all to partake in what is described as a “unique experience,” a phrase that barely scratches the surface of the anticipatory buzz surrounding the event.

Fully equipped with 150 electronic bingo machines, Little Trail Casino promises a smoke-free environment where excitement lingers in the air, untainted. Open daily from the early hours of 8 a.m. to the stroke of midnight, the venue ensures patrons have ample time to test their luck while indulging in a selection of beer and wine.

More than a place of fleeting amusement, Little Trail Casino stands as a convenient haven on the two-hour trek between Naples and Miami. Beyond the allure of its electronic terminals, the service plaza grants travelers relief and recharge with 12 Tesla charging stations, essential conveniences, flavorful bites from Dunkin’ and a welcoming café. For those journeying with furry friends, a thoughtful fenced dog relief area awaits.

Prior to the whirl of gaming machines celebrating their inaugural wager, local dignitaries and tribe members will gather for a ribbon-cutting spectacle. The casino’s 8,500-square-foot gaming expanse will greet its first guests with open arms, starting at the enthusiastic hour of 11 a.m. next Wednesday.

The Miccosukee Tribe, while proudly independent and refraining from a Class III gaming compact, stays true to its vision by fully owning the gaming process and its outcomes. This strategic choice distinguishes their facilities from others, such as the Seminole Tribe’s casinos that monopolize traditional slot and table games in Florida. The Miccosukees rely on electronic bingo machines, cleverly designed to deliver the immediate gratification of a slot experience through a bingo-centric mechanism.

The Miccosukee Casino & Resort, their flagship sanctuary, stands grander, housing a myriad of gaming options and leisure amenities. From poker to gourmet dining, golf to cultural exploration, the resort is a cosmos of enjoyment unto itself.

As the sun sets over the glistening waters of the Everglades and the hum of the I-75 carries on, Little Trail Casino emerges as a rich addition to the tribe’s offering, inviting wanderers to pause, play, and perhaps emerge a little richer — not just in coin, but in the bounty of experiences the Everglades provides.

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