Micah Brandenburg Living and Working in Greenville SC


The connection between Micah Brandenburg and Greenville, SC is a pretty intimate one. His wife grew up there and naturally feels strongly connected to the place. For the love he has for his wife, Micah who had already established a successful career in commercial banking, decided to quit and raise his family in Greenville SC. The place is quiet, and its geography is pretty nice. Micah regularly documents his life there on his blog. However, the decision to quit commercial banking doesn’t mean that he quit finance. He has established himself as a successful business consultant, handling clients from all across the country. Any business owner looking to take their business to the next level would find Micah’s services useful. He helps reinvigorate businesses by focusing on three key areas as below.

  1. Fueling business growth

Every business owner has a desire to grow their business, and turn it into a major enterprise. However, sometimes this becomes problematic due to the complexities of everyday business. When a business person is immersed in the daily intricacies of a business, the vision that led them to start can easily get lost. Micah offers an outside perspective on how to maintain the vision. He also helps a business owner take a more critical approach to their business model and make adjustments. For instance, if a business owner believes that their product offering is the best in the market, Micah helps them get over this assumption and better analyze the competition. This can help the business owner take proactive action to keep the business growing. Micah has been quite a success in helping business owners get out of their comfort zones and innovate for growth.

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  1. Exiting a business

One of the most difficult things to do is to retire from a business. Most small and medium-sized business owners dedicate all their time to their businesses and do not create strong structures for the business to run without them. Unfortunately, this makes them a slave to the business. In such a situation, even financial success from the business may not bring happiness. There is simply no point in having money if you have no time to spend it. Micah helps business owners overcome this problem by setting up systems to institutionalize operations. His approach also helps business owners easily sell their businesses and extract maximum value.

  1. Eliminating the stress of business

Running a business is not easy and it can cause unnecessary stress on the owner. It’s worse when the business depends on the owner for every major operational decision. Micah uses his expertise to delegate roles while leaving the owner with a considerable level of oversight and control. This helps the business owner overcome the stress of having to handle every single aspect of business decision making. Without this stress, a business owner has time to think about how to take the business to the next level.