MGM Resorts Offers Trading Cards of Canine Security Team to Guests


Patrons frequenting any of MGM Resorts’ twelve illustrious Las Vegas Strip establishments are now able to take home more than merely the complimentary soap and shampoo. In a novel step, K-9 handlers from the hospitality giant are presently distributing trading cards that feature their canine security team, adding an unexpected twist to the traditional customer experience.

You might justifiably find it odd, but yes, patrons were always at liberty to carry home the soap and shampoo as hotels are prevented legally from reusing these items post a guest’s departure.

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The intriguing initiative stems out of countless requests that the corporate K-9 unit of MGM receives annually from guests who express a desire to pet these furry officers. However, they would be met with harnesses bearing the terse advisory “DO NOT PET.”

Danny O’Connell, the Senior Manager for the Corporate K-9 Unit at MGM Resorts, expressed his regret over these prohibitions. “Unfortunately, we don’t allow guests to pet our officers” lamented O’Connor.

These patrol dogs, similar in functionality to K-9 police officers, serve as private security forces. They undergo rigorous training for multiple months, honing their skills in tracking, conducting searches, and apprehending criminals.

O’Connell further adds, “By handing out these trading cards, we foster a positive interaction between everyone, ensuring they understand that we are here to help guarantee their safety.”

Each collectible trading card showcases an individual canine officer, with their name scribed on the front and a list of impressive stats adorning the back. Take ‘Ollie’ for example, a 4-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog. As per his trading card, he is particularly fond of attending concerts at the MGM Grand Arena and frequenting the several residencies at Dolby Live in Park MGM. Given this, one can’t help but conjecture about how Ollie must have relished Snoop Dogg’s famed performance on May 14, 2022, conducted at the Mandalay Bay’s Michelob Ultra Arena.

These trading cards now constitute an essential part of MGM’s K-9 handlers’ gear. They are readily handed out to guests upon request or more often than not, when patrons attempt to bend the rules and ask to pet the dogs. This creative initiative ensures a memorable interaction between the guests and the canine officers, adding an innovative element to MGM Resorts’ service experience.