MGM Resorts Experiencing Difficulties in Hiring Employees for its Las Vegas Casino


MGM Resorts in Las Vegas has 3, 000 jobs opening at the casino. However, due to hiring difficulties, the casino company is offering work to a job applicant on the spot in some instances.

MGM launched a job fair on Monday and is expected to go through Thursday. The event is being held at One-Stop Career Center at 6330 W. Charleston Blvd. no appointments are needed to attend the event, and in some instances, people are being offered a job after the interview.
MGM Resorts human resources director told a local newspaper that all sorts of jobs are available. The company is, however, seek for security officers, baristas, cooks, and servers.

Due to the pandemic, people are seeking the option of working from home causing operators like MGM to experience hiring issues.

“People are hesitant to come back and be around large groups of people. The most challenging part is that all the employers in Las Vegas are in the same situation.”

Joe Sharpe, the project director at One-Stop Career Center, also said that applicants are selective of job choice, Sharpe noted that most applicants want a job that provides daycare services.

Despite the hiring challenges, the Las Vegas area has the highest unemployment rate in large among large US metropolitan with a population of more than one million. In June, the unemployment rate stood at 9.6 percent. The average rate of unemployment in June stood at 6.1 percent.


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