MGM Las Vegas Hikes Resort Fees to Landmark $50


Las Vegas, the pulsing heart of hospitality and gaming, has witnessed a subtle shift in its pricing landscape. At all MGM Las Vegas hotels, guests will find their nightly bills modestly heavier, as resort fees have floated upwards by approximately $3. This incremental increase positions the fees at a landmark $50 per night for accommodations located within MGM’s crown jewels: Bellagio, Aria, Vdara, and Cosmopolitan.

In a bid for transparency, these fees are now openly displayed as guests indulge in the planning stages of their Las Vegas escapade. This explicit disclosure arrives on the heels of the brewing discourse surrounding a proposed Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rule aimed at curbing “hidden and bogus” charges pervading the hospitality and live entertainment industries.

With the proposed FTC rule undergoing public scrutiny without a fixed date for decision-making, the essence of resort fees faces scrutiny. Beyond offering a consolidated charge for a constellation of amenities, these fees sprang into existence as a strategic response to the burgeoning presence of online travel agencies (OTAs) in the late ’90s. The evolution of travel booking behaviors saw OTAs commanding a substantial share of reservations, incentivizing resorts to unveil lower daily rates, offset by separate fees in their economic armor.

While OTAs continue to dictate the tempo of travel booking, it’s worth examining what it takes to achieve a prized spot on the coveted first pages of OTA search results. Resort fees not only camouflage the true cost of a stay but also yield economic perks: lower commissions to OTAs and a subtle augmentation of hotel financial metrics.

On the surface, resort fees, as unsavory as they may appear, enshroud a suite of guest conveniences. Yet, in the cloistered chambers of hotel accounting, they serve as nimble fiscal instruments, fulfilling a multitude of tactical functions from revenue bolstering to tax positioning.

As this narrative of fee adjustments unravels, patrons and pundit alike ponder the future contours of hotel pricing. In the interplay of transparency, regulation, and market dynamics, the Las Vegas hospitality scene is reminiscent of another arena that commands attention for its blend of entertainment and strategic maneuvering: the world of online casinos.

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