MGM and Caesars Face Lawsuits Over Las Vegas Casino Data Breaches


Five fresh lawsuits have been lodged, seeking justice from prominent gaming entities MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment. The suits lambast the companies for their failure to safeguard crucial customer information during the recent cyberattacks experienced in Las Vegas’ casino industry.

Filed in Nevada District Court at the end of last week, the legal actions accuse the leading gaming operators of negligence for their lack of robust cybersecurity measures and their delayed communication to customers about the breach of their personal data.

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The leading plaintiffs of these suits––Tony Owens and Emily Kirwan against MGM, Paul Garcia and Alexis Giuffre alongside Thomas and Laura McNicholas against Caesars––all members of the individual rewards clubs, filed four lawsuits on Thursday seeking class-action status. The fifth lawsuit was filed against Caesars exclusively on Friday.

Common thread among these lawsuits were allegations of negligence, breach of contract and unjust enrichment. The litigants demand compensation in the form of actual, statutory and punitive damages, as well as restitution and jury trials.

According to the lawsuits, the gaming giants MGM and Caesars either knew, or should have known the criticality of protecting the sensitive data of their rewards club customers. Their alleged negligence, the lawsuits argue, contravenes Federal Trade Commission guidelines and industry norms.

In a significant revelation, Kirwan’s lawsuit states MGM had been previously alerted to its vulnerability to such cyberattacks. She alleges that IT service provider, Okta, had forewarned MGM of its heightened risk due to ongoing social engineering attacks against its IT service desk personnel.

The crux of the allegations is that in light of their sensitive information being revealed, the victims will forever have to maintain an alert guard over their financial statements and accounts.

According to hackers, an enormous six terabytes of sensitive data was stolen from the two gaming companies, much of it purportedly already recovered on the dark web. Identity miscreants could use this information to take up fraudulent activities such as filing for false tax returns and unemployment claims.

The September 10 cyber onslaught on MGM rendered it defunct for nine days affecting its ten casinos along the Strip. Caesars, which operates nine resorts, disclosed its similar social engineering cyber infringement before September 7 in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on September 14. To liberate its systems at the earliest available opportunity, the company allegedly yielded to a $15 million ransom.

Contrastingly, MGM, which reportedly didn’t pay a ransom, has yet to make a formal statement about the exposure of its customers’ data.

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