Mexico Casino Arson Attack that Resulted in Death of 52 People Remain Unsettled Decade Later


A decade ago, a dozen members of the Los Zetas criminal gang stormed Casino Royale in Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, heavily armed. They drenched the gaming floor with gasoline and then ignited a massive fire that trapped guests and casino employees inside.

The incident resulted in 52 people dying from inhaling toxic fume. Since the 25th August 2011 arson, no person has been directly charged with the involvement.

In a press appearance this week, Samara Perez, a survivor and victim’s spokesperson, indicated that there was only a little hope for action.

Law enforcement detained 17 suspects days later after the arson. However, none was charged directly for involvement in the fire. Five others were charged for carrying illegal firearms, and the other 12 were set free.

Perez lost an 18-year-old son and wants Nuevo Leon Governor Jamie Rodriguez Calderon and Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez to find justice. State law officials still maintain that there is an ongoing investigation.

The Royale casino fire is not the only deadly casino fire. In 1980, a refrigerator on fourth at MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip accidentally ignited, causing smoke to spread to other floors. The toxic smoke caused the death of 85 people.

The incident resulted in Nevada casinos and across the US numerously improve safety, guideline, and code.


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